Charity & Store

  • Under Construction

We will be adding a Charity and store here

The store will have merch and products you can buy we make.

The charity will be set up with multiple organizations, I am very VERY picky on what kind of organizations I will sponsor. (WHY?) Do you ask? , I believe that the money that is donated should go to not only the cause but to directly affect the root of why the problem exists.

Examples are… IF you donate $1,000 to a local family for fire damage. it should go to the establishing recovery, not to the organization’s advertising costs.

So needless to say, it’s going to be a while before I can find an organization that fits.

In the past, I used to directly run a food bank out of my house and help people in need on a 1on1 level. I may start doing that again if I can get funding 🙂