Welcome to the New REDONE (again) 2x over webpage 🙂 we are still under construction.

So we decided to go back to a WordPress page, this time we are using our own server (outside hosted) and config from scratch.

We did some major changes that have happened

  • We removed the Minecraft server (due to no one using it)
  • Change from an HTML splash page design to a WordPress
  • Are working to having multiple WordPress’s servers hosted on the same server
  • Lost a member of the shadowfoot crew
  • Gained a member of the shadowfoot crew
  • All motorcycles are down because of carburettors and bad gas. 🙁
  • Are now Certifed PRESS and MEDIA recognised by the state of OHIO
  • We are now covering Conventions, Events and more outdoor things.
  • Our network has got bigger and we now have partners in crime 🙂 (check our links)

We have a lot of stuff going on and not much time to edit and post but we are Cooking some videos out for you, but your feedback is important … please reach out to us on discord.